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As Content Development Director, Diane oversees the development and transformation of ideas, key messages and strategic focus into final copy for all client deliverables. She has specialized in healthcare communications since 2006 and works across all media, including web/digital, print, TV/radio, email marketing, direct mail, and more. Through a combination of writing expertise, technical competency and deep healthcare knowledge, Diane brings a uniquely comprehensive approach to content marketing.

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Giving Thanks for a Job Well Loved

I speak for all of us at Dobies Health Marketing when I say this: we LOVE what we do at work every day. As healthcare marketing strategists, artists, storytellers, brand-builders and more, we feel very fortunate that our work empowers us to make a difference. While marketers everywhere have the opportunity to strengthen brands and […]

Rolling Out Our Brand New Logo

The story behind our new look & what it means for healthcare marketers Can you spot what’s different about us? Hint: look in the upper left corner of your screen. We have a new logo! We are VERY excited because our new logo illustrates something unique about us: our three-part process for making companies healthier. […]

Dobies Health Marketing Adds New Talent to Team Roster

Healthcare Marketing and Communications Firm Builds on Strengths in Strategy, Design and Account Services KANSAS CITY, Mo – Dobies Health Marketing, the area’s premier healthcare-specialized marketing, branding and advertising agency, has new talent on its roster. Since settling into new offices in downtown KC’s library district last year, the company has added four new professionals […]

Going Viral in Healthcare Marketing

5 Tips for Creating Content People Will Share Going viral…it’s the holy grail of modern-day mass marketing. How do you breathe enough life into your content for it to touch thousands or even millions of people beyond your reach? It’s not easy, but it does become easier if you know what you’re doing before you […]

Healthcare Innovation Brings New Opportunities for Healthcare Marketers

Technology is rapidly changing healthcare. Mainstream devices can now go far beyond provider-patient communication and into specialized patient care, and things are just getting started. In other words, what we’ve done so far with healthcare innovation pales in comparison to what we haven’t done…yet. For healthcare marketers, that means: You must understand and embrace healthcare […]

Emotional Branding in Healthcare

As any successful healthcare marketer can attest, advertising alone does not build emotional connections with healthcare consumers. Patients need to personally experience “compassionate, personalized care” when they interact with your brand, or what you’re promoting simply isn’t true. To connect emotionally in ways that build affinity and loyalty, make it authentic by carrying that connection […]

Healthcare Social Media: Directing the Conversation

We know, we know – you’ve heard it many times: your healthcare organization needs an active social media presence. There’s plenty of information out there about best practices for healthcare social media (#HCSM), so the last thing you need is another how-to blog post. Instead, let’s take a look at how people say they’re using […]