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Taking the Guesswork out of Hospital Costs

The Role of the Marketing Team in Hospital Price Transparency After attending a Kansas City Healthcare Communicators Society (KCHCS) educational session, I began to think more about the role of marketers in hospital price transparency initiatives. Participants at the session joined in a lively discussion about consumer expectations for comparative data on healthcare costs. With many providers […]

Dobies Health Marketing Gives Back to Promote Better Health in Kansas City

The holiday season is in full swing and things are busier than ever at Dobies Health Marketing. Despite all the hustle and bustle, we still manage to find time every year to give back and promote better health in our community through our annual holiday scavenger hunt. Keeping with tradition, this year’s philanthropic team-building activity […]

Four Reasons Healthcare Companies Should Engage Moms

Smart Marketing Strategies to Connect with Those Most in Charge of Healthcare Purchases The ease of information-sharing today means people are actively seeking out health-related information now more than ever. As a result, consumer-facing healthcare companies are under added pressure to continuously increase and improve marketing efforts as they compete for business. As we all […]

Strategic Healthcare Marketing Features Dobies Health Marketing Award-Winning Campaign

As a new employee at Dobies Health Marketing, I was impressed to learn that our firm was recently featured in Strategic Healthcare Marketing for our award-winning 2014 campaign, Megan’s Journal: A Personal Journey through Breast Cancer Treatment and Triumph. You can read the full story in Strategic Healthcare Marketing here. As the article explains, Megan’s Journal […]